I just wanted everyone to understand something before you spend time moving things - you can still store pictures on photobucket (within the amount designated) without any penalty - and if you keep your folders private - then no one can access them and they will be safe.  Where the problem comes in is when you link a photobucket picture to another site - so if you are writing a tut and use a 'bucket' link to display your image this will use up your broadband.  Also if you are in a group where you make tags for others and to share/display them you need to post the 'bucket' link.  Also if you have all your folders open where anyone can see things and then download them. Change your folder settings to private.   If you use Blogger as your tutorial site - you can directly upload your pics from your computer.  And yahoo groups allow you to do the same.  However, many forum sites you need to use an alternative site and cannot directly upload from your pc.   Just something to consider before you move everything - however I would strongly suggest that you do download all your folders from photobucket just so you have them in case this is one of many changes that they might implement in the future.